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We are processing requests for 2022/23 events
2020 was wild.  We are getting requests now for BOTH 2022 and 2023.   Weddings, parties & event requests are comig in and being processed.  So STAY TUNED.           

We have learned how to cope  with masks, distancing, and playing to smaller groups. WE ALL NEED EACH OTHER! We've had successful concerts, weddings, and parties during this COVID year, following the rules and protecting each other. Contact Us for more info..

New Hampshire Governors heart WSHB
SIX Inaugural Balls spanning 10 years and 3 Governors.
The WSHB was chosen in 2005 and 2007 for Governor Lynch.  Governor Hassen chose us in 2013, and for both of her inaugural balls in 2015 (3 total) .  Most recently, on Jan 21, 2017, Governor Sununu has decided to dance the night away to the WSHB's selections.  

We, being equal opportunity fun band for all, have noticed that Republicans and Democrats both have used us and have enjoyed our explorations in compelling, fun music at celebrations and fund raisers.

Manchester Union Leader Readersheart WSHB!
ULReader Choice Logo Thank You Manchester Union Leader Readers!

Though this was bestowed upon use in '13, we've only improved!   Our Classic Rock sound coupled with  enthusiasm for the music, makes for a wicked smart evening of fun.

There has always been an excitement around our music. We've been able to do this mostly in secret, at private parties and weddings, but it is getting out.  The "Leader" is the #1 state-wide paper.

Now appearing
in grand hotels, gazebos and garages, Large or small, outside or inside, at the ritz or in the pitz!  The Wicked Smart Horn Band plays energetic soulful music which is a mix of rhythm and blues, swing, and rock. You will not soon forget what this music does for you. Click here for our Schedule.

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We have just signed exclusively with Cuzin Richard Associates!  Call them to arrange hiring the WSHB in your town.

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